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What is the difference between Pro and AAA?

A Pro is an angler who possesses his/her own boat, trailer, and vehicle and always drives his or her boat during the event.  AAA anglers, also known as a Co-Anglers or Amateurs, participate in the tournament without a boat and fish on a different Pro angler’s boat each day of the event. The AAA level allows novice anglers/boaters a chance to learn from their Pro’s each day, and eventually upgrade to the Pro level. 

Who can enter the WON BASS Open events?

Anyone above the age of 16 can enter WON BASS Open events if that angler has paid membership for that season.  Pro anglers (boaters) are encouraged to have safe and adequate tournament boats with a functioning live well and carry sufficient insurance for both the boat and passengers. 

What does “Shared Weight” mean?

Since our events are Pro/Am style Opens, Pro and AAA anglers are paired with new partners each day of the event. The best 5 fish boated between the Pro and AAA each day will count toward their combined total weight, regardless of who catches the fish. Each day, the Pro and AAA will “share” the combined weight that is brought to the scale. No Pro and AAA will fish together twice in one event. “Big Fish” side pot catches are weighed in separately and must be identified as Pro or AAA big fish at the bump tank before approaching the weigh station.

 Once I’ve registered online and paid my balance, do I still need to register at the lake prior to the event start date?

Yes!  There are usually 2 registration days prior to each Open event. Our Arizona Open, Laughlin Open and California Open events run Wednesday through Friday. Registration will be available the Monday and Tuesday prior to each of those events. All anglers MUST attend at least 1 of the 2 registration opportunities to complete paperwork and acknowledge data needed for our tournament systems. The U.S. Open always runs Monday through Wednesday, and registration will be available on the Saturday and Sunday prior to the start date of the U.S. Open. If for some reason you cannot attend either registration opportunities, then you must communicate with staff prior to the event registration dates for that event.

Are there any “Official Practice” or “Off Limits” rules before the Opens in 2024?

There are no longer any “Official Practice” days prior to any WON BASS Open events. The “Official Tournament Rules” will start the first morning of that event. All DFW and State laws are still in effect prior to any event and must be followed. The Shasta Open, Clear Lake Open, Havasu Open and Mead Open will be “Off Limits” after 3:00 p.m. prior to the first day of competition. The U.S. Open will have “Off Limits” on Lake Mohave from sunup September 21st until safe light Saturday October 5, 2024.  Sunday October 13, 2024 will also be off limits as well for U.S. Open Hall of Fame, Sponsors Expo, and partner pairing meeting.


All anglers must purchase a 2024 WON BASS Membership before their first event. B.A.S.S. Nation membership is also required before their first event if that angler wishes to qualify for the B.A.S.S. Nation 2025 Championship.